Cargo transportation

The airline provides cargo transportation on international flights.

General cargo transportation requirements.

If there are free cargo and baggage containers, cargo is accepted for air transportation if its quality, properties, volume, weight and packaging allow for air transportation of such cargo or baggage according to requirements of international treaties of the Russian Federation, the rules of the Airline and other regulatory legal acts of the Russian Federation as well as legislation of the country to or from the territory of which the cargo is transported.

The Airline accepts the cargo for transportation if the packaging and properties of such cargo allow its safe transportation. Cargo shall be packaged in consideration of their specific properties and characteristics to ensure their safety during air transportation, storage using ordinary handling measures and to exclude access to the contents and possible damage to passengers, crew members, third persons, the aircraft, other cargo, baggage or property of the Airline.

During transportation, the cargoes shall not change their chemical, physical or other properties, which may cause their spoilage or
increase hazard levels during air transportation.

During loading to/unloading from the aircraft, the cargo dimensions are limited by the size of the loading doors and baggage cargo compartments, the volumes and technical characteristics of the used unit load devices.

The total weight of transported cargo is limited by allowable maximum payload and/or volumes of cargo compartments of the used aircraft.

Air waybill.

The cargo is transported after issuance of an air waybill by the authorized agent of the airline and payment for this freight by the consignor.

The air waybill is a document confirming entering into a contract for air transportation of cargo.

Transportation of bulky (light weight) cargo.

If light weight cargo (having dimensional weight exceeding the actual weight) of the volume exceeding 0.006 cu m per one kilogram of gross weight is transported, payment shall be charged for the dimensional weight, which is calculated according to the English version of the effective International Air Transport Association rules (the IATA Rules) and is calculated as follows: (length (cm) * width (cm) * height (cm)) / 6000 cu cm/kg.

Acceptance of perishable cargo.

Acceptance for carriage and handling of perishables shall be performed in accordance with the IATA Perishable Cargo Manual and requirements of competent authorities of the country of departure/arrival. Perishable cargo shall be accepted for transportation upon provision of documents (certificates, authorization documents) confirming that the cargo will not lose its properties during its transportation within the provided transportation period.  

Transportation of live animals.

Live animals (animals, birds, pets) are accepted for transportation as cargo if the standards established in the IATA Live Animals Regulations are followed and if the consignor submits the documents provided for by the international treaties of the Russian Federation, regulatory legal acts of the Russian Federation and the legislation of the country, to, from ot through which the live animals are transported.

Live animals are transported only upon coordination with the airline.   

Dangerous goods transportation.

Cargo referred to the category of dangerous goods may only be accepted for transportation upon coordination with the airline and on the condition of having a booking confirmation for the whole transport route.

“ROYAL FLIGHT” Airline shall accept bookings and cargo for transportation only from the cargo agents with which it has entered into direct contracts.

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