Another evacuation flight was operated by Royal Flight. However, this time it was possible not only to return Russian tourists home, but also to deliver Indian citizens to their country.

On May 20, a Boeing 757 with 104 passengers on board took off from Sheremetyevo Airport to Trivandrum. Having returned the citizens of India home, the plane made the next flight to return the Russian citizens to their homeland.

Boeing 757 made a flight on the route Trivandrum - Kolkata - Yekaterinburg - Moscow. The board arrived at its final destination, Sheremetyevo, on May 22 at 01:00.

A total of 205 people flew from two cities in India, of whom 41 disembarked at Koltsovo airport and 164 at Sheremetyevo.

The Federal Air Transport Agency, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Telecom and Mass Communications of the Russian Federation, the Embassy were involved in organizing the flight . It was with joint participation that the necessary agreements were reached and the necessary permits were obtained.

We would like to remind that earlier the airline has already performed evacuation flights. For example, recently Royal Flight returned to Russia tourists having trouble in returning home from Nepal, Myanmar, Mauritius, South Africa and Tanzania.

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