Dear passengers, we inform you that on flights:
1. Flight RL9902 from 17.07.20 from Dar es Salaam (Tanzania)
2. Flight RL9913 from 17.07.20 from Monrovia (Liberia).
3. Flight RL9904 from 17.07.20 from Accra (Ghana).
4. Flight RL9905 from 17.07.20 from Yaounde (Cameroon).
5. Flight RL9906 from 07/18/2020 from Entebbe (Uganda).
6. Flight RL9907 from 07/18/2020 from Nairobi (Kenya).
7. Flight RL9911 from 07.19.20 from Dar es Salaam (Tanzania).
8. Flight RL9912 from 07.19.20 from Amman (Jordan).
You can pay for excess baggage only on the airline's website.
Payment available:
1 piece of excess baggage up to 10 kg.
1 piece of excess baggage up to 23 kg.
Link to go to the payment page:

We also remind you of the mandatory need to fill out a form on the State Services website. This measure is aimed at preventing the spread of the coronavirus infection. To fill out the questionnaire, you must follow the link and log in:

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