On April 21, tourists from Kathmandu (Nepal) and Yangon (Myanmar) who faced difficulties in returning, arrived in Russia on a special flight performed by Royal Flight Airlines. The plane landed at the Sheremetyevo airport at 01:47 and brought 158 people home.

Before the flight, the pilots of Royal Flight underwent additional simulator training under the supervision of the Federal Air Transport Agency. The need to practice the flight on the simulator was due to the fact that the Kathmandu airport, because of its geographical features, is one of the most difficult in the world in terms of approach, and special skills are required from the flight crew to perform the flight safely.

To maintain sanitary and epidemiological measures during the flight, the flight attendants worked in protective masks, gloves, used disinfectants and monitored the condition of the passengers. In addition, each tourist went through a series of checks on the eve of departure and upon arrival in Moscow, aimed at preventing the spread of the coronavirus infection. This special flight was organized with the participation of the Federal Air Transport Agency, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Telecom and Mass Communications of the Russian Federation, as well as the Russian embassies in Nepal and Myanmar.

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