On May 16, at 04:25, a Royal Flight Boeing 767 landed at Sheremetyevo airport with Russian citizens on board who were experiencing difficulties returning home.

Before the flight, the airline did a lot of organizational work and multi-stage approvals to obtain the necessary permits.

The evacuation flight RL 9902 took place on a compound route: Mauritius Island - Johannesburg (South Africa) - Zanzibar (Tanzania) - Moscow and was organized with the participation of the Federal Air Transport Agency, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Telecom and Mass Communications of Russia, the Embassies of the countries of departure.

To perform this flight, a reinforced crew of 27 people was involved, as well as an employee of the aviation and transport security service to control and check the necessary documents for passengers.

In total, 280 people returned to their homeland on this flight, of which 56 were expecting an evacuation flight at Mauritius, 97 in South Africa and 127 in Tanzania. The Russians, who were forced to be on the territory of foreign states, joyfully greeted the aircraft that arrived for them. For example, in Tanzania, they applauded the plane, taxiing into the parking lot.

It is worth reminding that this is not the first evacuation flight operated by Royal Flight. In April, the airline returned home Russian citizens from Nepal and Myanmar.

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