Passengers travelling together are allowed to combine baggage allowance. Please note that in this case limit for one packed piece of baggage remains the same: weight – up to 30 kg and the sum of the three dimensions – up to 203 cm.In case of overweight baggage extra fees shall be charged.

For example free baggage allowance for 2 passengers is 40 kg (20 kg per person). The passengers can distribute the free 40 kg as they want (for example into 2 pieces of baggage: 30 kg + 10 kg). If one of the bags will weigh more than 30 kg (for example 34 kg and the sum of the three dimensions will be more than 203 cm) such baggage will be considered to be overweight and charge shall be applied to all 34 kg at the rates for overweight baggage.

If you have decided to travel with your pet, you must consult with the airline in advance.Pets or birds can be transported in the cabin, if their weight together with the cage does not exceed 8 kg and sum of three dimensions of the cage (carrier) does not exceed 115 cm to fit under the front seat. The carrier must have ventilation openings and reliable closure system preventing spontaneous unlocking. The bottom of the carrier must be solid, waterproof and covered with absorbent material. Spillage of the absorbent material must be excluded.

For birds carriage a cage covered with a thick lightproof cloth must be used.It is prohibited to open the carrier and/or let the animal/ bird out inside the cabin.Passengers with pets are given seat at the back seats of the plane excluding emergency exit, galley and toilet zones.

Maximum 2 animals are allowed on one flight, dogs and cats cannot be carried at the same time.

Fruit can be carried in the cabin only in a soft fabric bag, backpack, carrier bag, etc.. Carriage in plastic baskets is prohibited. Please note that a fruit bag is NOT an allowed additional piece of carry-on baggage. Passengers are entitled to ONLY 1 piece of carry-on baggage.

Each passenger has the right for free transportation of checked and carry-on baggage within the established baggage allowance. The free allowance is up to 20 kg for checked baggage and up to 5 kg for carry-on baggage.

Please note that the sum of length, width and height of the checked baggage must not exceed 203 cm. Carry-on baggage size must not exceed 115 cm (55 х 40 х 20).

Ckeck in

In case of online check-in on the website of the Airline the passenger has the right to choose a seat in the first cabin section of the aircraft at an additional charge. Seats in other cabin sections are free of charge.

Benefits of online check-in:

  • You can check in for the flight from home or office.
  • Online check-in opens 24 hours and closes 1 hour before the departure.
  • You can choose a comfortable seat in the cabin.
  • If you have printed you boarding pass, have no checked baggage, don’t travel with animals and don’t need assistance service you don’t have to go to the check-in desk at the airport.

Online check-in restrictions apply to:

  • Passengers with animals.
  • Group flight ticket booking (more than 9 passengers).
  • Special categories of passengers (seriously ill passengers, unaccompanied minors, people with disabilities).

You can pay for chargeable seat selection service on our website using MIR (MR-MIR), VISA (VI), MASTERCARD (CA) payment systems.

More detailed information on the cost of the seat selection service will be provided during your web check-in. Its cost depends on destination and the type of aircraft performing the flight.

In case of change of the aircraft type or configuration, the Airline does not guarantee the seat chosen using “Seat Selection” service and reserves its right to assign seats on equal basis.

Refund for services not rendered.

  1. If the passenger voluntarily denies the Service, no refund is given.
  2. If the Service is not rendered through the fault of the Airline, the money paid for the Service will be refunded in full.
  3. The refund shall be given within thirty (30) business days from the date of the receipt of the claim.
  4. The money shall be refunded to the passenger’s card which was used to pay for the service.

In order to ask for a refund a passenger must send an application with flight details (passenger’s full name, flight date, route) to

Flying with children

To order a bassinet, please, contact our airline representative at the check-in desk at the airport. If the bassinet can be installed in the aircraft performing the flight, our representative will make every effort to render this service.

Passengers may carry a baby stroller if they fly with a child free of charge in addition to the established baggage allowance. The passenger can use the baby stroller before the boarding. After boarding it is given to the airport staff for transportation in the baggage area. Upon arrival to the destination airport, the passenger receives the baby stroller at the baggage carousel.

A pregnant woman must take the decision on whether to fly depending on her health. The Airline is not responsible for deterioration in health of a pregnant woman or other negative consequences for the woman or the fetus, which can happen during the flight. WE ADVISE YOU TO consult your doctor about precautions and ask for recommendations.

A pregnant woman must have prenatal record and medical assessment report containing the permission to take the flight of the estimated duration with account of dates specified in the ticket. The medical assessment must be issued not earlier than 7 days before the departure from the airport. In case no medical assessment report is available the pregnant woman can fly upon condition that a guarantee commitment (note) is signed that the airline takes no responsibility for negative consequences/deterioration in health that can happen to the pregnant woman or the fetus during and/or as a result of the flight.

Please note that no special medical assistance is available on board, we appreciate your understanding regarding airline requirements.