It is only allowed to transport fruits on board of the aircraft if they are in a soft bag, backpack,
parcel, etc. It is prohibited to transport fruits in plastic baskets. Please also not that a bag with
fruits IS NOT an allowed additional cabin luggage item. A passenger may transport only 1 cabin
luggage item free of charge.
<p>If a passenger decided to take his pet with him on a vacation, it is mandatory to agree it with the airline in advance.</p>
<p>Indoor animals or birds, the weight of which with the cage does not exceed 8 kg, the sum of three dimensions of the cage (container) is under 115 cm for the cage (container) to be safely placed below the front seat. The container shall have air holes and a secure locking device preventing its spontaneous opening. The bottom of the containers shall be thick, waterproof and covered with an absorbing material. The container shall not allow spill of the absorbing material.</p>
<p>To transport a bird, a cage covered by a thick cloth preventing access of light to the cage shall be used.</p>
<p>It is prohibited to open the container and/or take the animal/bird out from the container while in the cabin of the aircraft.</p>
<p>Passengers with pets shall be placed in the tail of the aircraft except for emergency exits, galleys and toilets.</p>
<p>Not more than two animals is allowed to be transported on one flight. Note however that it is not allowed to transport cats and bogs on the same flight.</p>

A pregnant woman shall first of all decide for herself if it is possible to make the flight judging from her health condition. The air carrier shall not be liable for worsening of health of the pregnant woman or other negative consequences for the passenger and the baby, which may be created during the flight. WE RECOMMEND to consult a doctor regarding contraindications and receive recommendations.

A pregnant woman shall carry a prenatal record and a doctor health certificate (medical certificate) permitting to make a flight of the supposed duration given the dates indicated in the air ticket. The certificate shall be issued not later than 7 days prior to departure from the primary airport. In the absence of the certificate, the pregnant women shall be transported on the condition of signing a warranty (written undertaking) about the airline not being liable for adverse consequences for/worsening of health of the pregnant woman or the baby during the flight and/or resulting from the flight.

Please note that it is impossible to provide specialized medical aid on board of the aircraft, therefore please be receptive to the airline requirements.

A passenger may transport a go cart free of charge above the established baggage allowance if
a baby is transported. A passenger may use a go cart before entering the aircraft. Then it is
transferred to the airport employees for loading into the baggage compartment. Upon arrival
to the airport of destination, a passenger shall receive the go cart on the baggage conveyor
To order a baby cot, it is necessary to contact an airline representative at the check-in desk at
the airport. If the type of the aircraft, by which you will travel, provides for installation of a
baby cot, the representative will do everything he can to provide this service.

The passengers traveling together may combine the free baggage allowances.

Please note that in this case, the limitations on one packed article of luggage are preserved: the maximum weight of under 30 kg and the sum of three dimensions not exceeding 203 cm.

If the said limits are exceeded, the passenger shall pay for the baggage.

For example, if two passengers are flying economy class, then the free baggage allowance in this case shall be 40 kg (20 kg per person). The passengers may allocate the 40 kg allowed for free transportation as they wish (for example, for 2 articles of baggage: 30 kg + 10 kg). If the weight of one of the bags exceeds 30 kg (for example, is equal to 34 kg, and the sum of its three dimensions exceeds 203 cm), then such baggage shall be classified as heavy-weight and the total of 34 kg shall be paid for at the rate of excess baggage.

A passenger may transport his check-in baggage and carry-on luggage within the established allowance free of charge without additional charge.

The economy class free baggage allowance is under 20 kg for check-in baggage and under 5 kg for carry-on luggage.

The business class free baggage allowance is under 30 kg for check-in baggage and under 10kg for carry-on luggage.

Please note that the sum of three dimensions of the checked-in baggage shall not exceed 203cm and the checked-in luggage shall be under 115 cm (55 х 40 х 20).

A passenger may check-in online in the “Check-in” section of the airline website and choose a
seat in the aircraft.

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Transport of children