Statements for Passengers

Upon the personal request of a passenger, legal entity, or state organization, the airline provides the following information in writing or electronically on a paid basis:

Price per statement (per passenger)

Statement type Statement cost
Statement confirming flight delay or flight cancellation Free of charge
Statement confirming the fact of the flight 600 roubles
Statement detailing airline’s routes 600 roubles
Statement detailing ground distance (flight distance over the Russian Federation) 600 roubles


1. For the statement, fill out the electronic application form on the website and pay for the service.

2. After registration, a scanned statement is sent to the email address specified in the application, then, in accordance with the passenger’s request, the original statement is sent to the mailing address specified in the application (using Russian Post services).


The period of issuing of the statements is 30 days from the date of receipt of the full set of documents.


1. Fill in all the application form fields according to their description and click Submit. In the response message you will receive a registration number assigned to the application.

2. Download the receipt form with the details of JSC “ROYAL FLIGHT airlines” to transfer the payment for the statement. Print the receipt and enter your details. NOTE! If the service is paid by another person, enter the name of the passenger who is the statement recipient, in Payment Purpose line: Payment for issuing the statement, including 20% VAT _________________ (type of statement) for the passenger ________ (full name).

3. The application should be submitted only after the flight.

4. Contact your nearest bank office for payment.

NOTE! The airline does not provide the following data:

  • The cost of transportation between points not specified in the purchased ticket.
  • Requests for personal data regarding third parties.

The statement is valid for presenting to whom it may concern (including for presentation to the accounting department to confirm the fact of the flight). The statement has no validity period.

The statement is drawn up in the form established by the Airline.

The airline is not liable in case the applicant or a person to whom the issued statement was presented disagrees with the form, content and other statement details.

The fee for issuing statements is not charged from the following organizations (provided there is an official request with all necessary data, signed by the head of the organization):

  • Federal legislative, executive authorities;
  • Legislative and executive authorities of the constituent entities of the Russian Federation and local government;
  • Court requests as part of court cases.

Note! The statement is issued only after the payment confirmation.

Be careful when filling out the application form! The airline is not held responsible if the application form is not filled out correctly. In this case, the payment is not refunded and you will be sent a statement saying that you were not present on the flight or one stating that the airline is not operating flights to that destination or at that time.

Submit a request for information

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Next, click the check box "I agree with personal data processing" and attach a copy of the payment receipt.The application is automatically assigned a serial number and a notification will be sent to your email.

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