Live Animals Transportation

Live Animals Transportation

Dear passengers, if your decided to take your pet with you on a trip, make sure to coordinate this with the airline beforehand and learn the rules at the country of arrival or transit. Coordination with the Airline is done by the passengers by informing their travel agent upon booking of a packaged tour.

Permits of the countries of arrival or transit for transportation of animals or birds on international flights are regulated by the legislation of the countries of arrival, departure and transit. Please contact the corresponding services of the countries of destination or transit for more detailed information.

Within the framework of flight safety and/or prevention of damage to the property of the Airline or the passengers, the Airline may refuse to carry a passenger with animals if the animal carriage was not booked and confirmed by the Airline. Additional payment is charged for the service of animal transportation.

The following animals are not accepted for carriage (in the cabin or baggage compartment):

  • rodents;

  • reptiles;

  • jointed-legged animals;

  • fish and stocking material as well as other sea and river animals requiring transportation in water;

  • animals and birds, which are not indoor and domestic;

  • sick animals and animals used in experiments;

  • animals the combined weight of which with the container exceeds 50 kg. 

Categories of indoor animals and birds accepted for transportation:

  • A pet to be transported in the cabin

Not more than 2 animals are allowed to be transported in the aircraft cabin in the same flight. Note however that it is not allowed to transport cats and bogs on the same flight.
The weight of the animal with its container (cage) shall not exceed 8 kg and the container (cage) dimensions shall not exceed 115 cm calculated as a sum of three dimensions. Passengers with animals are not allowed to be allocated seats in the emergency exit zone and in the emergency equipment locations.
An animal having a weight of over 8 kg may only be transported in a cage in a baggage compartment.

  • An animal to be transported in the baggage compartment

Transportation shall be in the baggage compartment only after preliminary agreement with JSC “Aircompany “ROYAL FLIGHT”. There are technical restrictions on transportation of animals in a baggage compartment. Transportation shall be in a container (cage) having dimensions of not more than 80*60*60 cm and the total weight of not more than 50 kg.

  • Guide dogs following a blind passenger

A blind passenger may be transported in the company of a guide dog upon agreement with the carrier.
The blind passenger may be transported in the company of guide dog if a document confirming physical disability of this passenger and a document confirming that the guide dog has passed special training are provided to the Airline.
The guide dog accompanying the blind passenger shall be transported free of charge above the established free baggage allowance. The guide dog shall be wearing a collar and a muzzle and shall be bound to the chair by the feet of the passenger it accompanies.

Required documents:

The passenger accompanying an animal (bird) on flights of the Airline shall carry and provide at flight check-in the effective animal (bird) health documents (certificates) issued by the competent health authorities as well as an export, import or transit permit in case of international air travel.

Effective are the documents, which were issued by state veterinary hospitals only within 5 days from the moment of issue until the start of the trip, sale or safe keeping. To transport an animal by air, the animal shall be vaccinated against rabies no sooner than one year and not later than one month prior to the transportation date. 

Containers (cages) for transportation of animals and birds:

Indoor animals and birds, if transported by air transport, shall be placed in a strong container (cage) providing the required comfort during transportation, ensuring access of air and having a reliable lock (keylock). The bottom of the container (cage) shall be thick, waterproof and shall be covered with absorbent material. There shall be a border along the perimeter of the bottom to avoid spill of the absorbing material. The container (cage) shall not allow spill of the absorbing material. The bird cage shall be covered with a tick lightproof. 

Payment for transportation of animals:

Transportation of animal/bird is not included in the free baggage allowance and shall be paid for at the rates for oversized baggage. Payment for animals/birds transported in one container shall be made separately for each animal/bird. Payment shall be for the weight of the animal together with the container (cage) per each kilogram of weight.
Only the guide dogs accompanying their owners during the flight are transported free of charge.

Additional information:

The passenger is fully liable for the animal/bird, for having the required certificates and permits and for their compliance.
The Airline shall not be liable for physical damage to or a loss, delay, sickness or death of an animal/bird if the animal/bird was refused exit from or transit through any country or territory, except if this resulted from willful misconduct or gross negligence of the Airline.
The Airline personnel shall not provide animal care.