Live Animals Transportation

Live Animals Transportation

Dear passengers, if you decide to take your pet on a trip, be sure to agree on this issue with the airline in advance, as well as clarify the rules of the country of arrival or transit. Coordination with the Airline is made by informing by the passengers of their travel agent when booking the travel package (when buying a travel package from a travel agent) or directly the airline (when buying a ticket on the airline's website or in the network of agencies).

Permits of the countries of arrival or transit for the carriage of animals or birds on international flights are governed by the legislation of the country of entry, exit, transit. For more information, we recommend that you contact the appropriate services of the country of destination or transit.

As part of the requirements for ensuring the safety of the flight and/or preventing damage to the property of the Airline or passengers, the Airline has the right to refuse carriage of a passenger with an animal if the carriage of the animal has not been booked and confirmed by the Airline. An extra fee is charged for the transportation of an animal.

The following are not accepted for carriage (in the cabin and in the hold):

·   rodents;

·   reptiles;

·   arthropods;

·   fish and fish seed, as well as other marine and river animals requiring transportation in water;

·   animals and birds that are not domesticated;

·   sick and experimental animals;

·   animals weighing more than 50 kg together with the container.

Categories of pets and birds accepted for transportation:

·   Pet in cabin

No more than 2 animals are allowed for carriage on one flight in the aircraft cabin, while cats and dogs are not allowed to be transported at the same time. The weight of the animal with the container (cage) should not exceed 8 kg, and the dimensions of the container (cage) 115 cm by the sum of three dimensions. Passengers with pets are prohibited from accommodating in the emergency exit area and emergency equipment locations. An animal over 8 kg is transported only in the baggage compartment in a cage.

·   Animal in the baggage hold

Transportation in the baggage compartment is carried out only after prior agreement with JSC ROYAL FLIGHT Airlines. There are technical restrictions on the carriage of animals in the hold. Transportation is carried out in a container (cage) no more than 80 * 60 * 60 cm in size and a total weight of no more than 50 kg.

·   Guide dogs traveling with a visually impaired passenger

A visually impaired passenger, upon agreement with the carrier, may be transported accompanied by a guide dog.
The carriage of a visually impaired passenger accompanied by a guide dog may be carried out upon presentation to the Airline of a document confirming the disability of this passenger and a document confirming the special training of the guide dog.
The guide dog accompanying a visually impaired passenger is transported free of charge in excess of the free baggage allowance. The guide dog should have a collar and a muzzle and be tied to the seat at the feet of the passenger it is accompanying.

Required documents:

A passenger accompanying an animal (bird) when transported by the Airline must have and present during the check-in the valid documents (certificates) on the health of the animal (bird) issued by the competent authorities in the field of healthcare, as well as an export, import and transit permit for international air transportation.

Documents issued only by state veterinary hospitals within 5 days from the date of issue before the start of transportation, sale, storage are recognized as valid. To transport an animal by air, an antirabic vaccination must be made no earlier than a year and no later than a month before transportation.

Containers (cages) for transporting animals and birds:

Pets and birds, when transported by air, should be placed in a strong container (cage), providing the necessary convenience during transportation, with air access and a reliable lock (lock). The bottom of the container (cage) must be dense, waterproof and covered with absorbent material, along the bottom perimeter there must be a side that prevents spilling of absorbent material. The container (cage) should prevent spilling of the absorbent material. The bird cage should be covered with a dense, opaque cloth.

Payment for transportation of animals:

The carriage of an animal/bird is not included in the free baggage allowance and is paid as oversized baggage. Payment for animals/birds transported in one container is made for each animal/bird separately. Payment is subject to the weight of the animal together with the container (cage) for each kilogram of weight. Only guide dogs accompanying their owners on the flight are transported free of charge.

Extra Information:

The passenger is fully responsible for the animal / bird, the presence and compliance of the necessary permits and certificates.

The airline is not responsible for bodily injury, loss, delay, illness or death of an animal / bird if it is denied entry or passage through any country, state or territory, unless it was due to intentional misconduct or gross negligence of the Airline. The duties of the Airline personnel do not include caring for animals.

The current tariffs for the carriage of pets and birds on the flights Moscow - Sochi, Sochi - Moscow, Moscow - Anapa, Anapa - Moscow, when paid on the airline's website:

·   one container with an animal, bird up to 8kg - 2500 rubles.

Current tariffs for the carriage of pets, birds on the flights Moscow - Sochi, Sochi - Moscow, Moscow - Anapa, Anapa - Moscow, when paid in the agent network:

·   one container with an animal, bird up to 8kg - 2700 rubles;

·   transportation of pets and birds over 8kg is paid according to the excess baggage rates. Transportation in this case is carried out in the baggage compartment by prior agreement with the airlines.

The carriage of animals on other flights is paid according to the excess baggage rates (ссылка) at the airport of departure.

* Please note that no more than two animals can be transported on one flight in the aircraft cabin.