Doctor recommendations

Doctor recommendations

Dear passengers, for your flight to be comfortable and safe for your health, please familiarize yourself with the doctor recommendations.


  1. Three to four hours before the flight, one should have a light meal avoiding products causing abdominal swelling (cabbage, beans, apples, grapes), fried meat dishes, hot dishes and salted dished. Choose light dishes as well as drinks.

  2. Please note that the air in the aircraft cabin is constantly air-conditioned, therefore take at least one warm clothes item, which can be put on top of your clothes or use a rug offered by the flight attendants.

  3. The footwear and clothes mush be comfortable and loose. Unbutton the top button on your clothes, take off your belt and tie. Women are recommended not to wear fashion shoes and high heals during the flight. It is recommended to take off your shoes and put on comfortable slippers. Compression knee-high socks or stockings will improve blood circulation in your feet and will not allow blood clots to form due to absence of movement for several hours.

  4. If you plan to have a nap, take a special travel pillow or a neck cushion. Having a nap without a cushion in an airplane may cause neck pain and discomfort. Purchase a pair of light-protective spectacles (a sleeping mask) in advance to protect your self from light; purchase a pair of ear plugs for the noise not to bother you.

  5. During take off and landing, many passengers get clogged ears due to changes in pressure. There is a simple method for coping with the clogged ears: yawn opening your mouth wide or make a few gulps or masticatory movements, use candies or lollipops. You may also use ear plugs, which will reduce the pressure changes leading to plugged ears.

  6. Many people get motion sick in different types of transport. If you get motion sick on a plane, then try not to concentrate on your feelings, especially when the airplane takes off or lands, point an air flow towards yourself, do not read during turbulence or during take off and landing, sip still water, crew on a lemon slice or mint pills. You may use homeopathic medicine for motion sickness (for example, “Avia-more”) taking one pill one hour before the flight.

  7. The air on board of the airplane is too dry. Besides, the body has an increased need in liquid at a high altitude. To avoid dehydration, drink still water offered by the flight attendants or purchase a bottle of water prior to the flight in a sterile zone of the airport. For the flight to be easer, make at least a few sips of water every 20-30 minutes. Remember that the drinks containing caffeine (strong tea or coffee) as well as alcohol only worsen dehydration. Besides, it is recommended to moisturize your skin and nasal mucosa. You may use a thermal water spray spraying your face or a moisturizing cream as well as wet napkins. Purchase a lip balm and a hand cream in advance. Contact lenses are recommended to be replaced with glasses for the duration of the flight. Carry a nasal spray with a salt solution in a phial of suitable size. This will help treat nose stuffiness and will help prevent ear and nose pain during take off and landing.

  8. During the flight, alcoholic beverages worsen the dehydration, increase load on the cardio-vascular system and raise the risk of thrombosis. At high altitudes, the alcohol is absorbed quicker easily causing alcoholic intoxication. Therefore, do not drink alcoholic beverages during the flight.

  9. Spending time in one pose for a long time caused discomfort: your back and neck get tired, blood circulation stagnates and blood congestion forms in the veins of lower limbs. To avoid this, it is recommended to use compression knee-high socks or stockings during the flight. Try to stand from your seat at least once per hour, walking along the cabin of the airplane to warm up. You make do a little exercise right in your seat, making easy movements of the ankles, knees, upper shoulder girdle and the neck.

  10. Try to wash your hands as often as possible to avoid infection getting to the mucous membranes from dirty hands. Purchase an alcohol-containing cleaning hand gel or anti-bacterial web napkins.

  11. If you are nervous or have fear of being locked-in, take a few deep breaths, meditate, listen to calm music and read. Prior to the flight, consult a psychotherapist, may be you will be prescribed tranquillizers.