Pregnant women

Transportation of pregnant women

A pregnant woman shall first of all decide for herself if it is possible to make the flight judging from her health condition. The air carrier shall not be liable for worsening of health of the pregnant woman or other negative consequences for the passenger and the baby, which may be created during the flight. WE RECOMMEND to consult a doctor regarding contraindications and receive recommendations.

A pregnant woman shall carry a prenatal record and a doctor health certificate (medical certificate) permitting to make a flight of the supposed duration given the dates indicated in the ticket. The certificate shall be issued not later than 7 days prior to departure from the primary airport. In the absence of the certificate, the pregnant women shall be transported on the condition of signing a warranty (written undertaking) about the airline not being liable for adverse consequences for/worsening of health of the pregnant woman or the baby during the flight and/or resulting from the flight.

Please note that it is impossible to provide specialized medical aid on board of the aircraft, therefore please be receptive to the airline requirements.

Guarantee certificate

Rules on Air Carriage