Passengers with Disabilitie


Royal Flight treats passengers with disabilities with special care. A comfortable flight for this group of passengers is one of priorities of the airline.

The flight attendants have the required qualification for providing medical service on board according to the situation. From the required means, a folding wheelchair is available. For visually impaired persons there are safety instructions written in the Braile language. Toilets are designed for persons with disabilities.

When entering into the travel product sale contract, challenged persons and other disabled passengers shall inform the tour operator or the travel agent about their disabilities as well as the dimensions, weight and other properties of the personal transport devices (including about their transport devices being equipped with batteries and their technical properties) transported on board of the aircraft.

A wheel chair, an electronic wheelchair shall be transported as checked-in luggage in the baggage compartment of the aircraft. It is allowed to transport only folding wheelchairs in the cabin of the aircraft.

For passengers with disabilities, the pharmaceutical products, the folding wheelchair (wheelchair) carried in the cabin and the crutches are transported free of charge and are not included in the free baggage allowance.

A blind passenger is transported in the company of a guide dog in economy class only.

If the blind passenger is transported in the company of a guide dog, the dog is transported in the aircraft cabin free of charge in addition to the baggage allowance.

The passenger with a guide dog shall be allocated a seat strictly in the last raw of economy class. The guide dog shall be wearing a muzzle and shall be on a dog-lead. In the cabin, the dog shall be bound to the chair by the feet of the passenger, which it accompanies.

It is not allowed to allocate disabled passengers next to emergency exits and exits for boarding and unloading of passengers.