The fleet of "ROYAL FLIGHT" consists of modern aircraft that meet all the most stringent international requirements for safety and ecology.

“ROYAL FLIGHT” believes that there can be no compromises with safety, and therefore it checks the aircraft in the most thorough way until it is satisfied that everything is in order. Technical serviceability guaranteed.

“ROYAL FLIGHT” carries out round-the-clock monitoring of flight performance and knows where each aircraft is at the right moment. The passenger can be sure that his plane is always under the control of the airline.

A key component of ensuring the safety of passengers of ROYAL FLIGHT is a set of measures aimed at preventing terrorist acts and other methods of unlawful interference with the airline’s activities.

“ROYAL FLIGHT” has its own Aviation Security Service, certified in accordance with the requirements of Russian and international aviation authorities.

Each aircraft is thoroughly inspected both before and after the flight. Access control on board of service personnel is carried out in strict accordance with the zone of passage and production needs. The activities of the Aviation Security Service are constantly coordinated with the work of the border and customs control services, as well as law enforcement agencies and the relevant services of the base airports of ROYAL FLIGHT Domodedovo and Sheremetyevo.

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