Seat Selection

Dear passengers, when checking-in on-line on the Airline website, you may choose a seat in the aircraft cabin at additional charge. If you do not use paid seat selection when using web check-in, you will be automatically allocated a seat by the system free of charge.

Web check-in advantages:

  • A passenger can check-in for a flight himself from his home or office; 
  • Web check-in starts 48 hours prior to the flight and ends 3 hour prior to the flight departure; 
  • The passenger chooses a convenient seat in the aircraft cabin;

Upon arrival to the airport, it is not required to go to the check-in desk if the passenger printed out his boarding pass himself, travels without luggage, does not transport animals, and if follow me service is not required.

Limitations on web check-in:

  • passengers with pets; 
  • group ordering of air tickets (not more than 9 persons); 
  • special category passengers (severely ill, unaccompanied minors, people with disabilities). Paid seats selection services may be paid for by card using the following payment systems: MIR (MR-MIR), VISA (VI), MASTERCARD (CA). 

The service of choosing paid places can be paid on the site with a card using the payment systems MIR (MR-MIR), VISA (VI), MASTERCARD (CA).

The airline does not guarantee that a seat allocated under “Compartment Seat Selection” will be preserved in case the aircraft is replaced or the aircraft layout is changed and reserves the right to allocate seats on a regular basis.

A refund for Services not rendered.

  1. In case of voluntary refusal of the passenger from the Service, the monetary funds shall not be refunded. 
  2. If the Service is not provided through the fault of the Airline, the full amount of payment for the Service shall be refunded. 
  3. The monetary funds shall be refunded not later than thirty (30) business days from receipt of an application. 
  4. The monetary funds shall be refunded to the passenger’s card from the service was paid for.

If the passenger requests the refund of payment, it is necessary to send an application with the flight details (surname, name, patronymic of the passenger, the flight date, the flight number, route) to the email: